Connecting plurality

Joy and success - through a people-centric corporate culture in which potential can unfold and plurality can be connected

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Joy leads to success

Happy people are over 30% more productive and three times more creative!
If you and your employees could truly work with joy and commitment, applying your strengths, your customers will sense the difference and your company will reap the benefits. A people-centric culture is the key to success.

You are an entrepreneur or manager and would like to be a role model and a source of inspiration in a cultural change process. As business coach and mediator, I support you, helping you create the conditions under which potential can unfold and plurality can be connected.
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What characterises my work

Enabling greater joy and more cohesion. That drives my work.
With calm, warmth and positivity, your difficult topics will be heard.
You will gain clarity, confidence and stability.
I consider plurality among people to be an asset. Together we will find solutions.
Coaching sessions in nature enable a change in perspective and the exploration of new paths.
  • Hilda Müller-Seydlitz is an extremely professional and very empathetic business coach.
    As mentioned in her signature "Corporate and Culture". She has a great ability to understand the respective cultures of different companies.
    A holistic coaching that makes you see the issues from a different and more objective perspective.
 The ensuing reflection has been an incredible help to me in my professional as well as private life.
    I can highly recommend Hilda!
    Susanne ROLF
    Senior Sales Manager | Vacheron Constantin, Richemont Northern Europe GmbH
  • Ms Müller-Seydlitz has supported us in various individual coaching sessions as well as in various team workshops to strengthen resilience in times of the pandemic and during the upcoming transformation phase of our company.
    With her proactive and empathic personality, she managed to engage our employees and guide them - be it in dealing with personal professional challenges or with regard to new directions and values at team and company level. In doing so, she succeeded in sharpening the view of each individual for the positive and in sustainably strengthening the team spirit and the joy of working together.

    Head of HR (Munich area)
  • In the ongoing Corona situation, we faced a real challenge at times: with almost 100% remote work and at the same time significantly less social interaction and a high workload, many of our colleagues seemed to run out of energy. Hilda and her team have greatly strengthened us with the "G.R.I.T. - Greater Resilience in Teams" online workshops and subsequent individual coaching sessions. Appealing, sympathetic and very professional, a great variety of practically applicable impulses for more resilience were given. Thank you very much for the good cooperation!
    Martin Rothhaar
    elaboratum – new commerce consulting
  • Ms Müller-Seydlitz conducted a resilience workshop for the staff at my school with great empathy and competence. From the meticulous preparation to the very sympathetic implementation, everything was just right. The colleagues left the workshop exhilarated and carried away by positive energy. Absolutely recommended!
    R. K.
    School principal of a vocational school
  • Ms. Müller-Seydlitz accompanied the successful introduction and implementation of our corporate values project for the Munich location and made an essential contribution to ensuring that the corporate values are actually lived.

    Manager Business Operations Germany (Munich area)
  • "As part of a potential professional reorientation, I decided to take coaching sessions with Ms. Müller-Seydlitz. With her competence, professionalism and warm-heartedness, she guided me safely through the various phases up to the decision-making stage. She asked the right questions with excellent intuition and immediately established a framework for trusting cooperation.”
    Director, Global Sales Operations (Munich area)
  • “With Ms. Müller-Seydlitz's support and wealth of ideas, we developed optimal solutions for the successful management and further development of our team.”

    Customer Service Regional Manager (Munich area)

What I enable

  • Greater clarity regarding your objectives, purpose and values, to allow for sensible and consistent decision-making
  • Recognise, develop and apply your talents as well as those of your employees
  • People-oriented leadership competence
  • Increase your happiness at work and focus on the positive
  • Connecting plurality - reconciling supposed discrepancies between people, between company and employees, between mind & heart
My working languages are English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Papiamento.


Business coaching for individuals and teams - for entrepreneurs, managers and other people aspiring to more joy, fulfilment and success in their work. Conflict coaching and mediation.
Your challenges are centric to my work and determine my choice of methods. Depending on the situation, I am your sparring partner, business coach, facilitator, intermediary, mediator and consultant.
I draw on a wide range of experiences, knowledge and methods. My work methods are:

Systemic - Solution-oriented - Constructivist - Resource-oriented - Based on neuroscientific research and Positive Psychology - Mediative - Business-focused

Inspirations for my work

My bookshelf is overflowing and keeps growing. Here are a few highlights of the titles and authors that inspire me in my work.


Gerald Hüther

Reinventing organizations
Frederic Laloux

Was wir sind und was wir sein könnten
gerald hüther

START with why
Simon sinek

Führen mit Hirn
Sebastian Purps-Pardigol

Leaders eat last
Simon sinek
Die stille Revolution

Die stille Revolution

About me

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Happiness & Plurality
The Caribbean island of Aruba has the motto "One happy island". That’s where I grew up. I brought this feeling of happiness with me and deploy it in the workplace. Aruba is a cultural and linguistic melting pot. This plurality is part of my DNA. I also lived and worked in the Netherlands, France and Germany. I speak 7 languages.

Unternehmerisches Denken
Entrepreneurial mindset
My mother was an entrepreneur and for me thinking from an entrepreneurial point of view comes naturally. In the family business, I learned the positive effects of people-centric leadership. Assessing situations within a broader context, across departmental boundaries, is self-evident to me.
Client orientation
From my many years consulting clients, I know the effects positive collaboration within a company has on its clients. 
I have managed many client projects and for many years was responsible for leading teams in client-facing roles. 
Client focus and satisfaction is of great importance to me.
Leadership experience
I have more than 25 years' experience in management and leadership roles within international companies. With much pleasure and success, I have led a great variety of people and teams. My own leadership style is characterised by clarity, structure and warmth.
Professional background
I am a business economist (MSc. Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam), business mediator and business coach. As a manager I have worked in finance, marketing, consulting and client services. Industries: Consumer Goods, Fashion, IT and Intellectual Property.
Personal Life
In our family - with my husband and our meanwhile adult children (a son and a daughter) - I continue to gather more experience with connecting plurality.
I love being in the mountains at any time of year, especially backcountry skiing in the winter, preferably in South Tyrol.

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Coaching in nature - Munich

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